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To build a persona that is inspiring and influential, present the best version of yourself, and advance in your career.

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Learn from the experts who have several years of specialized knowledge in the industry and the respective fields.

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Do you Lack confidence, feel unsure, and have difficulty expressing yourself?
Are you feeling lost, directionless, and uncertain about the future?

Whichever stage of life you may be in and whatever may be your current state of affairs, Maven Academy is at hand to guide you and help find the right answers. Our communication and leadership courses are designed to transform an individual and bring out the best, help project a confident self, get the right perspective, and create an edge over peers. The technical and management courses enable you gain valuable insight into fields such as reliability, facilities management, project management, and logistics that would open up new opportunities, give heightened awareness, and enable perform effectively at work. The essential life skills program teaches youth communicate with clarity, attain leadership traits, and introduces new study tools that would boost your academics.

Are you feeling frustrated, left out, and unable to reach your full potential?
Are you in your teens and restive; striving to make an head-start and stay ahead of the competition?



All the courses have been prepared and delivered by specialists and professionals who have decades of industrial practice and managerial experience in the respective fields. They are endowed with deep insights, managed mega projects, and solved complex field issues.


The learning platform can be accessed from mobile devices as well as web browser. Optimally designed for best user experience. Lesson modules are sized for 30 min or lesser duration for easier assimilation of knowledge. Courses are designed with ample scope for self-practice, interaction, and feed- back sessions.


Each of the courses are packed with real value for the price and structured to suit individuals from different professional backgrounds. There are a number of options and channels of payment, acceptance of different currencies for overseas candidates, and special rates for groups from organizations and educational institutes.


Even though the courses are delivered online, they are designed to achieve an interactive format. A mentoring approach is followed with sufficient scope allowed for interaction and feedback on the performance. The recorded courses are self-paced to enable individuals complete the courses at their convenience following a schedule that best suits them.

  • Vision:

    To evolve as a reputable center of learning that positively influences and empowers individuals.

  • Mission:

    Be an enabler, a source of inspiration, and serve as a guide for individuals to attain excellence in their chosen fields.

  • Objective:

    Maven Academy is set up with the objective of imparting education, training, and coaching; delivered through online and direct class-room modes, for technical and business skills enhancement, to realize behavioral changes, as well as achieve overall personality and leadership development among individuals.


"At Maven Academy we realize you are the kind of people who aspire to attain excellence, want to be effective in your occupation, and be successful. To accomplish this you need to possess the knowledge and insight that only comes from experience, and be equipped with the tools that will give you the confidence to communicate effectively and bring out the best in you. If you are someone just about to qualify from the university or have been in a professional field a few years but feeling despondent on not attaining the level of growth you expected, and unsure if you have made the right career choices we understand your predicament.

You could also be in your teens and wondering what are the choices you ought to make that would catapult you into a future that would match your aspirations and the expectations of your loved ones. We at Maven Academy are here to help you, hold your hand and walk you through a path that will help you overcome any disabling, debilitating, and defeatist mindsets through our excellence-building curriculum and courses. We welcome you to join our courses by clicking the JOIN COURSES button and move to our Learning Management System.

If you would like to have additional information by speaking to our counsellors, click the SCHEDULE A CALL button and you will surely hear from someone from our end to answer your queries and guide you. Alternatively, you could click the EXPLORE COURSES button to sample the courses and content offered. As you may have learnt in life by now, procrastinating is not a good trait because it certainly does not help you in anyway. Therefore, we urge you to take a decision and move forward now. Do it now so that you don't stall your progress and delay your success any longer.


Introduction to Corrosion Management
Introduction to Corrosion Management

Industrial Corrosion is a common occurrence and a widely used term; however, very few from even the engineering field have…

₹ 10000.00 Course Preview
Integrated Course: Construction-Project Management, QAQC, & HSE.
Integrated Course: Construction-Project Management, QAQC, & HSE.

This integrated course is a combination of the Construction-Project Management course and other courses on Quality Assurance / Quality Control…

₹ 7500 Course Preview
Integrated Course: Maintenance Mgmt, QAQC, & HSE in Process Industries.
Integrated Course: Maintenance Mgmt, QAQC, & HSE in Process Industries.

This integrated course is a combination of the Maintenance Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, and HSE Management Courses. This…

₹ 7500 Course Preview
Pathway to PMP Qualification (Free Course)
Pathway to PMP Qualification (Free Course)

Embark on your journey to become a successful Project Management Professional (PMP) through this comprehensive course. This course is offered…

Introduction to Blockchain Technology (Free Course)
Introduction to Blockchain Technology (Free Course)

Embrace the future, equip yourself with the tools of tomorrow, and embark on a journey of discovery with blockchain technology.…

Effective Meetings – Essential Tips (Free Course)
Effective Meetings – Essential Tips (Free Course)

Meetings are part of every professional's daily routine. Depending on the type of business and culture of the organization, internal…

Project Document Controller Course
Project Document Controller Course

Document Controller designation may sound as an unimportant and nondescript position. However, they play a pivotal role in ensuring that…

₹ 3000 Course Preview
Public Speaking Training Course
Public Speaking Training Course

Does the mere thought of facing an audience and delivering a short speech or making a presentation make you shudder?…

₹ 3500 Course Preview
Auditor Course – for ISO Standards
Auditor Course – for ISO Standards

Are you aspiring for a career as Management System Auditor or plan to freelance as an Auditor? Then this is…

₹ 7500 Course Preview
Testimonial Image

Radhakrishnan Padmanabhan

Company Executive at Kuwait

I approached Maven Academy with a clear purpose of augmenting my professional career, by becoming a smart communicator. They introduced me to a structured course on how to improve my oratory skills. Special mention to the way they taught me how to structure a speech, color coding on PPTs to make it more purposeful and effective. I thank Maven Academy and their faculties.


Company executive at Saudi Arabia

My experience at Maven Academy is great and memorable. This is a must do program. This Communication course helped me to connect with audience in a way I never had before with at most confidence, started giving presentations in client meetings and conferences. It's a dream come true that made me to achieve my milestone! I would highly recommend it.

Bharath Eswar

Computer Engineering Student

I attended couple of Students’ Programs at Maven Academy and found it highly useful. I found this academy as a good platform for students of colleges and schools under any age to develop their skills and upgrade themselves. All Maven’s Students Programs helped me a lot to improve my skills and I recommend it to others also.

PNS Gnanavendan

Automation Engineer, KNPC Kuwait.

I was fortunate to undertake a refresher course at Maven Academy in the field of my work at a refinery in Kuwait, i.e., Instrumentation engg. It highly equipped me to handle my job more professionally and comfortably. The brief explanations by the trainer over other core engg. subjects something great.

Aruna Manickavasagam

Project Expert - KNPC- Kuwait

Maven Academy is run by a team of Professionals of expertise in various fields of Engineering, Project Management and ISO Certification courses. I have attended one course conducted on "Multiple Intelligence" and that course gave me deep insight on that subject. I strongly recommend any course, since the courses are conducted by Subject Matter Experts at Maven Academy


Orthopedic specialty hospital established in 1995

SAKTHI MEDICARE CENTER (SMC) is an Orthopedic specialty hospital. Bala Muthukumaran, Director, Maven Academy has been associated with SMC for the past two decades as an international and a toastmaster trainer and conducted numerous training programs for the staff of SMC on various topics such as patient care, human relations, stress-free life, leadership traits, financial planning, and career growth. His lectures are highly informative, spiced with current updates, very inspiring with anecdotes, simple, and crisp.

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Bala Muthukumaran - Founder Director
Bala Muthukumaran

Founder Director

Bala Muthukumaran is a veteran of the Indian Airforce, qualified mechanical engineer, MBA in International Business, and has over 40 years multidisciplinary experience. During his active service with the IAF he gained valuable experience in the maintenance of Aircraft, Surface-to-Air Missile systems, and associated equipment and systems. Subsequently, for the past two decades he has been engaged primarily with the management of EPC projects in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and energy sectors in the Middle East. The motivational seeds he planted are instrumental for Maven Academy to take shape, and he has been hands-on in conceptualization and incorporation of this institution. For long he has been an active member of JCI and Toastmasters international, both known worldwide for their commitment to developing communication and leadership skills, and functions as a career guide and counsellor to several youngsters even to this day. Deeply interested in reading about history, heritage, and nature, lately he has directly involved in a few entrepreneurial ventures as well.

Jeremiah Vincent - Founder Director
Jeremiah P Vincent

Founder Director

Pradeep, as he is known to his closest friends, is an Electrical and Electronics engineer, and has obtained a PG diploma in business management and a diploma in occupational health & safety. He has several years of work experience in the Middle East and India across diverse fields such as cement manufacturing, minerals processing, oil & gas facility management, implementation of ISO management system standards, and auditing. He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster, the DTM being the highest title conferred by Toastmasters International, an organization dedicated to the empowerment of individuals by helping them become more effective communicators and leaders. Currently, he is a business owner practising as a consultant for ISO management systems implementation. As one of the founders of the Maven Academy, he plays a significant role in the operations and continues to steer it towards achieving its vision and mission. When not working he can be spotted reading, listening to music, or strumming one of his favorite songs in his guitar.

Kannan Ravi - Founder Director
Kannan Ravi

Founder Director

Kannan Ravi is a mechanical engineering graduate specialized in managing mega projects in power and petrochemical sectors across many countries, such as India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait, over a span of 35 years. He is a passionate toastmaster and has held many senior positions in the organization in the past 15 years and has been awarded the highest title of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) from Toastmaster International, USA. He has been a trainer, coach, and mentor for adults and youth developing their public speaking skills and leadership qualities. Founder and mentor of many Gavel Clubs in Kuwait and India, he has helped many children realize their full potential and achieve excellence in communication skills and attain leadership roles. He also happens to be a qualified yoga trainer and has conducted many yoga workshops in India and ME for adults and children. Furthermore, he has assisted many international organizations, colleges, and schools in conducting and judging Speech, Debate, and Literary Competitions.


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