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Awareness Training – ISO 9001 Standard

Published by J P Vincent - 1 year ago

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Organizations that are serious about the quality of their goods and services need to implement a robust Quality Management System (QMS) conforming to ISO 9001:2015. Organizations that have implemented a QMS have a clear edge over others in terms of enhanced control over various factors that affect quality of the products and services. Successful implementation is possible only when all key employees have a clear understanding of requirements of the standard.

Besides, knowledge on the salient features of the standard and their effective implementation will give existing employees and new entrants into commercial and industrial fields a distinguished edge in terms of improved performance. This training course on ISO 9001 is crafted and delivered by an established consultant and practicing auditor associated with reputed international certification bodies. Please enroll for this course, and also check out our ISO Auditor Training and courses on other standards, viz., ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, as well.

Designed to benefit all those who wish to familiarize themselves with the ISO 9001 standard and its provisions for implementation in any industry.

Whether the ISO9001 standard has been implemented already or your organization is planning to implement in future, this course is a must for the top management, functional heads, and key employees of all departments to have a thorough knowledge of the conformance requirements of the standard. Particularly for students undergoing graduation or post-graduation studies in management systems and those who wish to pursue a career as full-time or part-time auditors for management system standards implementation, this course will surely given them a head-start.

ISO9001 is the most popular standard in the world with over 900,000 valid certificates in vogue today. Therefore, irrespective of the industry you wish to serve in or apply for a job, awareness of the ISO 9001 standard will boost your chances of gaining employment. For those of you who are already employed, this course will help in gaining an edge over your peers and set yourself apart as a star performer.

The course is designed as a recorded video course divided into 16 short modules such that the whole course can be completed within a couple of days. Being a recorded video course the participants have the liberty to complete the course at a pace that suits their convenience and also view those portions that they may find hard to follow.

The is delivered by an accomplished professional engineer with with several decades of managerial exposure to industrial operations internationally, with many years of exposure to auditing a wide range of industries, and expertise in training in this and many other standards.

Post the training, you are encouraged to join a community of professionals with whom knowledge sharing is enabled and course updates are provided free so that the learning continues unhindered.

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