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Effective Meetings – Essential Tips (Free Course)

Published by Bala Muthukumaran - 8 months ago

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Meetings are part of every professional’s daily routine. Depending on the type of business and culture of the organization, internal and external meetings can take a major portion of individuals’ time. Unless meetings are conducted effectively to enable free and open participation of all within the timeframe, intended purpose can’t be achieved. This course is designed to give you key tips on just that. Considering the significance of the topic, we are offering this short course free of cost to enable you to develop this key skill. Please signup and benefit from the tips offered in this short 20-min course.

Regardless of whether meetings are held in-person or online, they always concern a group of people. Meetings engage the collective time and effort of those who attend the meeting as well as those who may be working in the background. Consequently, precious time of the entire group gets wasted when meetings are conducted ineffectively, and this is counterproductive.

While meetings are indeed great tools to enhance collaboration and hasten decision making, they can turn into productivity killers in the work life of an individual executive or a team in an organization when excessive time is spent on meetings that are not conducted in a disciplined and organized fashion. Hence, it is imperative that all professionals polish their skills of conducting effective meetings as well as participate to make a positive contribution so that time and effort of everyone involved is optimized. This short course dwells into various aspects of meetings under different scenarios and the main factors that need to be considered prior to and during the meeting. This course is structured to place at your disposal the essential tips that one needs to practice and acquire this essential skill that would ensure every meeting attains its intended purpose. We welcome you to take these and other essential-skills development courses with Maven Academy and benefit. Please do give your feedback on the course after completion. 

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