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Public Speaking Training Course

Published by J P Vincent - 1 year ago

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Does the mere thought of facing an audience and delivering a short speech or making a presentation make you shudder? Well you are not alone because the fear of public speaking is next only to the fear of death, for most people. However, like most other skills, public speaking too is a skill that can be acquired through systematic training. By following the principles and methods meticulously taught in this course by an accomplished speaker, you can surely overcome stage fright and become a confident speaker. Check out the details, sign up to begin your journey with us, and watch your career take off.

A detailed course comprising seven modules of recorded video lessons by an accomplished speaker. Designed for people of all ages and educational backgrounds and structured such that one can do it at a pace that suits their schedule and availability.

Course follows a step-by-step approach, and lays down clearly the ways to systematically develop a topic and craft a speech.

Teaches the importance of words, the significance of voice any body language, and other aspects of effectively presenting a speech to an audience with suitable tips to overcome common pitfalls.

Feedback and evaluation will be rendered through community forums, Facebook groups, and longterm support for development and growth as a consummate public speaker.

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