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Enterprise IOT Design Courses

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Internet of Things is revolutionizing industry and has opened up host of new opportunities. Are you interested in catching this wave which could transform your life and take you places? Then this course taught through live classroom training (done remotely) will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to be able to design enterprise scale IoT solutions.

Beginning with IoT fundamentals, this course teaches the Hands-On IoT skills and trains the participant up to the level of designing and implementing enterprise level IOT solutions. Overall, this course comprises 32 hours of live classroom training covered over 8 weekends.

It covers all the topics included in the Hands-On IOT course, and teaches the techniques, software, and skills of designing and building in addition the topics listed in the program overview (below) are also included.

Additional topics covered in this course include Industrial IOT system architecture, virtualization technologies, edge computing, enterprise grade IOT, Devops overview and setup, value proposition etc.

The goal is to prepare the participants such that they are industry-ready IOT professionals upon completion of this course and develop the ability to build enterprise grade IOT solutions.

Upon successful completion of this course the individual is expected to become a full fledged IOT professional with ability to develop and implement enterprise level IOT solutions.

This course is designed to benefit students currently undergoing a diploma/degree in Maths, Science, or Engineering or those who have already completed the aforesaid qualifications

This course has been crafted by a current practitioner of Industrial IOT with hands-on experience in developing enterprise level solutions for the industry in India and Europe.

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