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Maintenance Management in Process Industries

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Crafted and presented by specialists who have a combined experience of more than 50 years in project planning, execution, and maintenance management in Petrochem, Oil & Gas, and Power Industry,  this course is structured to serve as a key resource for professionals aspiring to begin a career or upgrading their career in the maintenance field in process industries. This foundation level course provides essential knowledge and skills in maintenance concepts, well established and modern maintenance strategies, along with maintenance management fundamentals to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject of field maintenance. Participants learn to integrate advanced technologies and data analytics for streamlined processes and reduced disruptions.

Optimal performance and efficiency in Process Industries is vital and this can only be accomplished through proper maintenance of plant, equipment, & support systems. This requires strategic planning, preventive measures, and timely repairs. Integration of advanced technologies and data analytics streamlines the processes resulting in enhanced reliability, safety and extended equipment lifespan. Ultimately, a robust maintenance strategy and effective implementation is essential for achieving sustainable and cost-effective operations in process industries. 

Maintenance is the practice of assessing, protecting and restoring equipment or systems in any industry. Further, it is also a combination of all technical, administrative and management measures methodically executed during the life cycle of a unit to safeguard its function and integrity. The main objective of maintenance is to ensure system functions like availability, efficiency and product quality and system life like asset management, and system safety. This course comprises seven lessons that cover the details organized under different topics to give you a holistic understanding of this key subject. 

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