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Foundation Course in AI & ML

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We are witnessing AI and ML getting increasingly integrated into our daily lives, with every passing day. The future of AI and ML holds immense potential, with advancements expected to revolutionize every industry, from healthcare and finance to transportation and manufacturing. Acquiring expertise in this area is essential, if you are serious about your future.

This is a two-part course: Part-I covers the basics of Python to the extent it is necessary to understand its applications in AI/ML. Part-II covers steps involved in developing AI/ML applications such as Data engineering, model building, validation, deployment and monitoring, etc. Upon completion of this Foundation Level course, participants will be able to take up the advance Level Courses.  

The curriculum is covered over 36 to 40 hours extended over 8 weeks. Schedules can be reworked to suit specific groups and depending on their conveniences. These remotely offered (online) live AI and ML courses provide you with a structured learning environment allowing you to interact in real-time and receive personalized guidance. 

The live online format ensures a dynamic and engaging learning experience, facilitating in-depth understanding of complex concepts. Additionally, these courses offer hands-on projects and practical exercises, enabling students to apply their knowledge effectively.  

There are many courses that are on offer free of cost. While free courses can be a valuable resource for introductory learning, live online courses offer comprehensive curricula, industry-relevant content, and networking opportunities. They provide a competitive edge by delivering high-quality education and enhancing employability in the rapidly growing fields of AI and ML.


Please register your interest by signing up, and you will be invited to an interactive session with the Course Director during which complete details about curriculum, course schedule, price, and other details will be shared. If you would like us to conduct this course in your organization / institution as a classroom type course, please reach out to us through email, telephone, or WhatsApp and we can discuss details.

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