AI & ML Course Curriculum

Foundation Course in AI/ML 

Duration: 8 Weeks (1.5 hours per session and 2 to 3 days per week) 

Course Details: This course consists of 2 parts. 

Part 1: Basic Python 

Part 2: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

As python programming language is extensively used in AI/ML developer community for developing predictive analytics applications, the first part of this course covers basic python which is required for developing AI/ML based projects. Second part of this course covers extensively the steps involved in developing AI/ML applications viz., 

Data pre-processing / Data engineering Model Building 


Deployment & Monitoring 

Students are exposed to different supervised algorithms like Regression & Classification and unsupervised techniques like Clustering, Association Rule Mining and few text mining steps for building NLP applications like Topic modeling and Sentiment analysis. 


Basic Python 

Descriptive Analytics – Data Summarization & Visualization Diagnostic Analytics – Correlation and Drill down Charts Basic Statistics and Hypothesis testing 

Predictive Analytics – Regression, Classification, Clustering & Dimensionality Reduction Techniques 

Text Analytics – Pre-processing Tasks and Sentiment Analysis 

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