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Project Secretary Course

Published by Kannan Ravi - 1 year ago

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Project Secretary may not sound like a fancy designation in an organization. But those in the know will realize what it takes to keep the clutter out of the way and unclog the lines so that the work flows without hiccups. Whether you are already one or you want to be one, this short duration video course will surely help you with the tips and tools needed to be effective on the job and gain the trust and confidence of your supervisors. We recommend that you take the Document Controller Course also along with this, and if you decide in the affirmative please reach out to us so we can consider a special price for you.

Aspiring for the position of Project Secretary in a Project Management set up for large construction project, shutdown maintenance project, or similar setup? This comprehensive short duration course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and practical tools necessary to manage essential administrative and secretarial duties in any Project Management setup. Prepared and delivered by an engineer with experience spanning several decades in management of petrochemical, power plant, and oil & gas industry projects, the course explains roles and responsibilities of a Project Secretary in managing the documentation, scheduling appointments, and coordinating with all the project stakeholders.

This course covers the scope of work for a Construction Project Secretary, the key accountabilities, the necessary skill sets required to excel in the position, and the tools and software commonly used in the construction industry.

Further, it provides an overview of Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Document Control Procedures, which are essential components of effective document handling and control in a project.

Participants will learn about common abbreviations used in construction documents and archiving procedures to ensure proper record-keeping and document retrieval.

Finally, this course covers electronic document management systems (EDMS) and their importance in modern construction projects. Participants will learn about the benefits of EDMS, as well as the different types of systems available.

It is a common observation that in most projects there is plenty of overlap between the functions of the Project Secretary and that of the Document Controller. In smaller projects, it is common practice to combine both positions and appoint a single individual to tackle both positions.  Hence, we recommend that you take the Document Controller Course also along with this course so that you will gain a well rounded knowledge of both functions. Please give it a serious consideration and reach out to us so we can consider a special price for you.

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