Introduction to quality control and quality assurance course in Kuwait and Qatar
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Introduction to Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Published by Bala Muthukumaran - 8 months ago

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To a large extent, successful completion of any project rests on how efficiently and effectively quality aspects are managed. It impacts all phases of the project and hence accorded top priority in any construction project. Further, when quality assurance and quality control become integral, it results in minimal defects and rework thereby avoiding costly changes. This foundation level course is suitable for those who aspire to pursue a career as QA/QC professional in the project management field. Further, through this course a person can acquire adequate knowledge on QA/QC Plans and Procedures, Inspections and Audits, Tests and Approvals, and other key aspects to maintain quality through various phases of a construction project.  

This course covers a spectrum of essential topics pivotal in ensuring the standard and reliability of construction projects. Quality and its management are fundamental aspects, highlighting the principles and methodologies that underpin quality in construction. 

This course comprises two lessons, and each of these lessons deal with the topics listed hereunder.

Lesson I - Definitions, Plans, Procedures, & Approvals

  • Quality Management Systems in Construction and Maintenance  
  • Objectives and Process of Quality Works at Projects  
  • QA System and QC Systems and Difference   
  • QA & QC Verification Stages and Points in Project Works  
  • Project Quality Roles, Responsibilities and Control Plans 

Lesson II - Inspections, Audits, Tests, and Approvals

  • Inspections, Audits, Approvals in Construction & Maintenance  
  • Inspection Test Plan Features & Formats. Inspection Hold, Witness & Review Points  
  • Inspection Authorities and Levels of Inspection  
  • Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing Methods  
  • Vendor Package Inspection, Test Pack Management, and Hydro Test Pack. 

Objectives of quality in construction encompass ensuring safety, durability, functionality, and compliance with industry standards. The process of quality work involves various stages, starting from planning, execution, and monitoring, emphasizing the importance of proactive quality management throughout the project lifestyle. 

Distinguishing between Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) systems in a construction project is a crucial aspect. QA focuses on preventing issues through systematic planning and processes, while QC involves identifying and rectifying deviations from established standards during the project's implementation. Verification points in QA and QC are critical milestones where adherence to standards and specifications is verified, ensuring the project progresses in alignment with quality objectives. 

This course also delves into the roles and responsibilities involved in maintaining project quality. It outlines the establishment of a Quality Control Plan, which is a structured framework detailing procedures, standards, and responsibilities for ensuring quality during construction. Quality audits, inspections, and test plans are integral components to validate adherence to specified standards. They encompass inspection authorities, levels of inspection, and various points such as hold, witness, and review, which are crucial for verifying quality compliance. 

Through this course, a person could understand that in-depth knowledge of testing methodologies is fundamental in a construction project. This includes knowledge about destructive and non-destructive tests, vendor package inspections, material inspection procedures, and the approval of test packages. The course often provides sample Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) and Quality Control (QC) forms, offering practical templates for implementing quality measures in construction projects. This comprehensive understanding equips professionals with the tools to ensure and maintain quality standards in construction work. 

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