Introduction to health safety and environment course in Qatar and Kuwait
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Introduction to Health, Safety, & Environment

Published by Bala Muthukumaran - 8 months ago

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Health, Safety and Environment is a concern of every professional in business and industry, particularly for those in the project management field. Because a project site is a place of inherent risks and hazards as wide-ranging activities are carried out simultaneously engaging a huge workforce. Unless the tasks are closely supervised and carried out safely, the potential for incidents causing serious injuries is quite high. One essential part of a strong safety program is to impart knowledge about the risks involved in each of the tasks and the safest approach to such tasks through training. Proper safety training directly helps in mitigating risks and eliminating injuries at project sites, boost productivity amongst workers and helps to cut down unnecessary costs in a project. This foundational course is essential for everyone involved in construction project work; it is designed to give a basic idea of the hazards, risk assessment, and mitigating measures that need to be undertaken to minimize the risk to prevent injury and property loss. 

Construction project sites like any other industrial workplace can be hazardous. However, the associated risks can be avoided by implementing proper health, safety, and environmental controls. This is a comprehensive short duration course designed to provide appropriate information about the unsafe working conditions and practices at a construction project site, knowledge to improve working conditions, and implement safe working practices. This course comprises two lessons and they cover following topics listed hereunder.

Lesson I - HSE Plans, Procedures, and Systems

  • Introduction to Health, Safety, & Environment  
  • Hazards in Construction & Maintenance 
  • Definitions and identification - Hazard & Risk  
  • Environment Aspects / Impacts & Waste Management 

Lesson II - HSE Safety Norms Implementation

  • Site Battery Limits and PPE  
  • Permit to Work implementation & Samples  
  • Gas Cylinder, Radiation and Fire, Spill Response  
  • Environment, Incident Investigation, & Checklists 

Further, this course explains the concept of risk, various hazards associated with construction work,  and the importance of planning in risk mitigation. The course further addresses environmental protection, management of environmental aspects and their impacts, as well as waste management practices to minimize environmental harm, ultimately equipping construction professionals with the knowledge and skills to ensure safe and eco-friendly construction practices.  

This course explores safety measures related to compressed gas cylinders, radiation, fire, spill response, and emergency management, and educates participants on incident reporting and investigation practices. Additionally, it includes guidance on health assessments and associated actions, offering a comprehensive foundation for ensuring HSE compliance.

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