Fundamentals plus hands-on IOT training Course in India, Qatar and Kuwait
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Fundamentals plus Hands-On-IOT Course

Published by admin - 1 year ago

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Are you a student looking for a fresh start or a qualified professional exploring a career switch? This course can give you a head-start in the IoT technology field that has created lots of job opportunities. You would gain a good understanding of the IoT Fundamentals and get a good idea of real-life use cases, and subsequently, move on to build IOT solutions.

The Hands-On IOT course delves in the fundamentals of IoT technology before diving deeper, and is designed to benefit students currently undergoing graduation or those who have already completed a diploma/degree in Maths, Science, or Engineering.

Topics covered in this course include IOT system architecture, sensors and gateways, understanding MQTT, data pipelines, overview of analytics, setup of IOT cloud platform, etc.

Upon completion of this course, participants will become conversant with developing real-life IOT solutions. Taught remotely as a live class over 4 weekends, it is of total 16-hour duration.

Instructor of this course is a current practitioner of Industrial IOT with hands-on experience in developing enterprise level solutions in India and Europe.

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