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Fundamentals of IOT Course

Published by admin - 1 year ago

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Are you aspiring to learn more about the fundamentals of this new technology called IoT? IoT tech is becoming pervasive in all areas of our life including industry, office, homes, etc. Consequently, it is a field that has created lots of job opportunities. This course will serve as an eye-opener to help you understand IOT technology and its real-life use cases. Following this, you can undergo either the Hands-on IOT course or the Enterprise IOT Design course depending on the level of expertise and specialization you wish to achieve. Special price can be considered if you sign up for any of the two combinations.

The Fundamentals Course of 3-hour duration taught remotely as a live class is designed for those exploring a career change. If you are looking for a fresh start in IOT or exploring a career switch, this course provides a good head-start.

There are no qualification requirements for the Fundamentals Course. However, the next higher-level courses are structured to benefit students currently undergoing or those who have already completed a diploma/degree in Maths, Science, or Engineering. 

Topics covered in this course include IOT Components, introduction to cloud computing, IOT protocols, overview of Industrial IOT, and illustrations of IOT use cases.

Upon completion of this course, students will become eligible to join the Hands-On IOT Course or the Enterprise IOT Design Course which will start immediately in the subsequent week.

Instructor of this course is a current practitioner of Industrial IOT with hands-on experience in developing enterprise level solutions in India and Europe.

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