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Construction-Project Management Course

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A successful industrial construction project is the result of a well-coordinated effort of teams from inter-disciplinary fields such as civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, etc. Managing such a project requires a team with adequate technical knowledge and strong management skills to initiate, plan, execute, and complete all activities related to the project. This foundation level course is structured to aid those who aspire to become project management professionals gain an understanding of the basic organizational structure in a project, the management techniques employed, the terminology, and all aspects of preparatory to post-completion works to be executed in a project.  

This course is designed by a team of project managers who have hands-on field experience in all aspects of managing giant petrochemical, fertilizer, and power station projects in different parts of the world. Herein they have shared their experience for the benefit of aspiring engineers and would be project managers.  


This foundation level course comprises five lessons that explore fundamental concepts such as the definition of a project and its distinguishing characteristics and other essential concepts, including Project Management itself. Further, it dwells into topics viz., Project Management Knowledge Areas, the Triple Constraints, the 4 Basic Elements of Project Management, and the 5 Basic Processes of Project Management, Procedures involved in implementing Project Management and examines the typical project organization structures that play a pivotal role in construction projects. 


The course provides an overview of various types of construction projects, distinguishing between process units and utility plants, the different types of drawings used; the five important stages of a construction project are also discussed. Additionally, the sequence of activities, the creation of method statements for construction works, and typical flow chart for construction project are discussed apart from a host of other topics concerning project management. 

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