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Bharathanatyam Dance – Live Training

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Have you been yearning to learn some form of classical dance, but never got to do it due to various reasons, such as location, time, convenience, etc. Worry no more for this remotely-taught live-course that is offered during weekends should help you realize your long-pending dream. You can now learn Bharathanatyam (Kalakshetra Style) from the comfort of your home, under the guidance of a professional trainer. It is structured to suit beginners as well as intermediate level students who wish to pursue this form of art after a break, and is suitable for people of all ages over five years from both genders. Please check out the schedule, curriculum, and course director information. Contact us via WhatsApp or email for additional details.

The course teaches fundamental knowledge on Bharathanatyam and various other aspects associated with it, viz., the history, aesthetics, art appreciation, and mythology. The course includes 3 modules: Introduction to theory, practical aspects, and invocatory dance items: Mallari and Alarippu. Course is taught all the year round during weekends and duration could vary depending on individual participant and level of proficiency he/she aspires to attain. Fee is payable monthly. Following is a short list of some of the known benefits.

  1. The students will become aware of the importance of art and art history.
  2. Eventually students are expected to evolve and become art appreciators.
  3. This dance form is known to improve focus, discipline, confidence, body language, and resilience 
  4. Students gain better physical and mental health, consequently, with time.
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